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Welcome to The Marble Place one of Ghana’s largest suppliers of naturally sourced marble and exotic granites. With years of knowledge and vast expertise working in the Granite, Marble, and Quartz industries, we are the leading experts in the supplying, fabrication, and installation of Granite, Marble, and Quartz Countertops and Worktops.

Marble Place has the most extensive and exotic collection of Granite, Marble, and Quartz Worktops, Countertops, Stair Treads, and Flooring Surfaces that exude extravagance and are indispensable for bespoke residences.

Marble Kitchen Countertops: Classic Elegance & Modern Style in your Kitchen!

Marble Palace exclusively uses Marble Kitchen Countertops premium quality materials crafted at our factories. We do not involve the middle man in the import of our Granite, Marble, and Quartz which guarantees that our customers get unbeatable quality at unbelievable prices.
The standard survey to installation protocol takes as little as 3 days.Nobody can match the deals and quality that Marble Palace provides.
We do not compromise with quality for design.
We deliver elegant, chic, contemporary Granite, Marble, and Quartz Worktops and Countertops, made of hard-wearing materials, that enhance your kitchen Countertops and bathroom ambiance and are well suited for durable and dynamic flooring materials.
We provide custom-made Granite, Marble, and Quartz Countertops that will perfectly fit your space and enhance the decor.
The core ideology of Mabel Palace and the values it stands for is to enhance the client experience, build trust, and provide high-end materials. Liberal mindset paired with our responsibility to environmental compliance, we are befitted to serve this market without jeopardizing our devotion to our transportation consumers. We are known for our phenomenal customer service and aftercare, so you can be sure to buy from us with total assurance.
Reach out to us today and take a look at our wide ensemble of worktops and materials.



Marble Place has the most extensive and exotic collection of Granite, Marble, and Quartz Worktops, Countertops, Stair Treads, and Flooring Surfaces that exude extravagance and are indispensable for bespoke residences.



Once we have firmed up the details of your project and we have a signed contract, our general manager will schedule a template to be made of your project.


After your template has been created, your project is then put into the production schedule. The template is laid on the slab of stone, then our lead fabricator will position the template so the color as well as the veining match as closely as possible. This is a crucial step as a well matched seam will make your surface flow seamlessly


OK! So now your project is ready for installation! Our highly trained installers go to great lengths to treat you and your house with the professionalism and respect it deserves

Our work Process

Beautiful Worktops and Countertops at Beautiful Prices

Choose your stone

Start selecting your desired stone from our wide range of products. You can choose it online or pay a visit to our local showroom in Accra. Incase Cutting Required, please bring the accurate measurements

Plans & Measurement

We will review your requirements and measurements, incase you need further assistance with the measurements, our experts will visit your location and will get the measurements done for you.

Cutting & Installation

Once the measurement is done, your chosen slabs will be sent to the production house where it will be cut as per measurements. Our sales agent will confirm you about the date of installation once the cutting is done. Our expert will visit you on the date and install the slabs

Timeless Stone

Beautiful Worktops and Countertops at Beautiful Prices

Premium Designs

At marble place we're able to offer exceptional quality and value for much less than you may think.


It is our ambition to be a model company. As such we aim to treat all of our stakeholders (Customers, Suppliers, Staff, Neighbours and Shareholders) fairly and with respect and to be seen as a company that others will wish to emulate.


We may not always be the cheapest as we do not cut corners. However when we supply a customer, they should be left reflecting on the beauty of the product and the quality of our workmanship. Our measure of success is, would the customer recommend us?


Polished marble is has a shiny, high-gloss look. It’s very easy and its coating acts as a protectant. Honed marble is a flatter finish, it’s much less reflective. People frequently pick honed marble due to the fact it’s far much less in all likelihood to scratch or etches. A scratch on a matte floor will normally be much less great than on a shiny finish. However, honed marble might be greater liable to stains due to the fact the pores of the stone are in the direction of the floor. Both alternatives are appropriate for maximum applications, together with use in kitchens and bathrooms.

We agree with at the same time as building a home & it’s far built with plenty of emotions and an excessive amount of sentiments embedded into it. We agree with being a natural useful resource handiest Marble can include the pleasure of uniqueness, durability & unending contentment of the innovative but stylish soul. Being a natural product, marble allows you to reuse the product through re-polishing. Moreover, marble seems tons greater tidy and nicely organized with much fewer joints due to the larger length of slabs if in comparison to tiles and nurturing the layout aesthetics.

Marble Place stands tall as a brand, with trust, magnificence, and a saga of legacy to feature a further individual to the natural stone. Among exclusive setups into the sector, Marble Place is the handiest prepared corporation which capabilities on not anything however the center and essential values which might be transparency, commitment, convention, determination and honesty which had been embedded into the roots of the employer on the time of foundation. We have efficaciously included generation with nature and the fabricated from this enterprise defining and flabbergasting amalgamation is one in every of its type and offers the soul becoming experience. The kind of color alternatives, platter deal of selecting Indian & Imported marble below one roof will make your choice greater willing toward creativity and rationality.

Marble Place believes and follows the center values with sincerity. Transparency is the aspect to makes Marble Place what it’s far from today. With Marble Place, you may be confident to get the cost of your hard-earned money. It is set the processing and the form of remedy we carry out on our merchandise in evaluation to the to be had alternatives in the marketplace who nonetheless observe the out of date strategies to process. Price sensitivity is likewise excellent as we’re the mine owners, now no longer the traders. Moreover, after the implementation of GST, the fee shape has been tons greater clean and clean to apprehend the touchdown fee of the product. Marble Place does now no longer believes in shadow pricing and there’s no hidden fee to the product

In case of queries associated with the product, we have a committed group to serve you higher and for the extra good, we have got a steadfast virtual group to remedy any question withinside the shortest period. For product associated queries, we’ve our representatives in decided on towns of our us of a and the identical is to be had at our contac us page.

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